• Residential inclusion

    This program's aim is to provide basic covering to people between 18 and 65 years old who live in the street or in an undestandard house

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  • Social and working inclusion

    This area works accompanying social and working inclusion of people living a situation of exclusion or at risk of it.
    It promotes personal inclusion processes that improve quality of life and autonomy degree

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  • Inmigration

    It is aimed at young immigrants (over 18 years old) that start their emancipation process, coming from the under aged protection services of the Council and still in need of some educational accompaniment so they can finish their social and working inclusion

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  • Children and teenagers

    This is a resource promoted by the City Council of BaraKaldo and managed by Asociación Goiztiri Elkartea since 2001-2002 school year.
    Its main goal is to help students from ESO and Primary school to achieve the objectives of their educational stage and to prevent truancy

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  • Intervention in housing

    It promotes accompaniment of families and groups in a risk of exclusion, rejected by the market and without any possiblity to get to the housing public service, enabling them to get a respectable house

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  • Initiatives of social economics

    Companies in which people with inclusion difficulties work for a short time, developing necessary abilities for carrying out a task thanks to the formula "learning by working"

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Lunes 18 de abril, Vitoria Gasteiz

¿Qué Plan Vasco de Inclusión Social queremos?

El pasado 18 de abril, 100 personas participaron en el III Encuentro de Participación de EAPN Euskadi en Vitoria Gasteiz. El tema de este año ha sido el Plan vasco de Inclusión Social, y se ha concretado en una serie de propuestas que presentaremos en comparecencia parlamentaria pata que sea tenido en cuenta a la hora de elaborar el nuevo Plan Vasco de Inclusión.

El encuentro incluyó una vista al Parlamento Vasco y contamos con la presencia de Bakartxo Tejeria, presidenta del Parlamento. Una jornada redonda en la que nos explicaron el funcionamiento del Parlamento, resolvieron nuestras dudas y pudimos intercambiar opiniones y experiencias.


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