1997. UTOPIA award (Bizkaia County Council)

From 2003. PREMIE quality certificate

2007. Implementation of measures for reconciling personal, family and working live for Goiztiri's workers.

2007. Plan for the equality of women and men from Asociación GOIZTIRI Elkartea financed by Emakunde

2007. Participating entity in favour of equal opportunities by Emakunde

2008. Quality certificate in linguistic management BIKAIN Black level. Given by the Basque Government.

2009. Award for the best action in protected housing in the Basque Country, organized in its first edition by the basque section of the Asociation of Housing and Floor promoters (AVS).

2010. Alma Solidaria award, given by EL CORREO newspaper, which recognizes social projects promoted by non-profit Basque social entities to develop social action programmes.

2012. Bihotza Sariak award. Distinction of the Basque Press for the management carried out as a solidary NGO (sponsored by Bilbao Ekintza and Bizkaia County Council)

2012. Territorio Solidario award, given by BBVA Foundation to Etxeberri programme.

2012. Compromiso con la Excelencia Bikaintasunarekin Konpromisoa Diploma, given by Euskalit.

2013. Territorio Solidario award, given by BBVA Foundation to Bidaide Accommodation centre.


Goiztiri Elkartea

Calle La Providencia, 19

48901 Barakaldo – Bizkaia

94 478 05 41

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If you share our concerns and you want to work with our entity in your free time, send your details to: with the subject "Volunteer"

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  • Adult education
  • Personal improvement workshops
  • Computers
  • Basic maintenance of buildings

Other services and workshops.
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