In the association we develop these improvement and innovation groups:


This project deals with the organization's strategic lines with a participative perspective as a basis for the construction of a shared project of the organization. The strategic lines are:


  1. To maximize the social and labour inclusion of people living a situation of exclusion
  2. To promote a working environment and a labour system in which people can feel satisfied and implied
  3. To ensure the association’s financial sustainability
  4. Technological development


Zaindu- Professional care

It was created to promote and achieve mechanisms and strategies that tending towards the prevention of work-related strain, and to promote occupation health of the workers.


It was born with the goal of achieving better organized, tidier and cleaner workplaces permanently to create a higher productivity and a better working environment.


It is a Basque language group composed by different people from the association and its objective is to promote the use of the Basque language designing and carrying out different actions.


It drives actions to promote men and women equality and incorporates genre perspective to the entity.


Goiztiri Elkartea

Calle La Providencia, 19

48901 Barakaldo – Bizkaia

94 478 05 41

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If you share our concerns and you want to work with our entity in your free time, send your details to: with the subject "Volunteer"

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  • Adult education
  • Personal improvement workshops
  • Computers
  • Basic maintenance of buildings

Other services and workshops.
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