This project deals with the organization's strategic lines with a participative perspective as a basis for the construction of a shared project of the organization. The strategic lines are:


  1. To maximize the social and labour inclusion of people living a situation of exclusion
  2. To promote a working environment and a labour system in which people can feel satisfied and implied
  3. To ensure the association’s financial sustainability
  4. Technological development



Goiztiri Elkartea

Calle La Providencia, 19

48901 Barakaldo – Bizkaia

94 478 05 41

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Work with Goiztiri

If you share our concerns and you want to work with our entity in your free time, send your details to: jmacarro@goiztiri.org with the subject "Volunteer"

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  • Adult education
  • Personal improvement workshops
  • Computers
  • Basic maintenance of buildings

Other services and workshops.
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