Mundutik mundura

The project is aimed at young immigrants that had institutional protection during their childhood and, due to their vulnerability, need an accompaniment that will make their social inclusion easier.

Consequently, they are provided with a social and educational frame in terms of housing and living together that will make them able to define and consolidate their vital project. In that way they will be able, in a short or medium term, to join themselves to the social life.

This program promises to provide these services:


  • Housing on a co-payment basis
  • Socio-educational accompaniment in these areas:
  1. Work or Training
  2. Legalising
  3. Health
  4. Cohabitation
  5. Social acceptance
  6. Housing
  7. Community resources
  8. Economy




Goiztiri Elkartea

Calle La Providencia, 19

48901 Barakaldo – Bizkaia

94 478 05 41

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  • Adult education
  • Personal improvement workshops
  • Computers
  • Basic maintenance of buildings

Other services and workshops.
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